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Crafty Monkey’s Birthday Party

In some resepects the last year has just flown by but in some it feels like it’s been much longer than a year.  To mark the occasion and to say thank you to a lot of people who have been a part of Crafty Monkey’s success, a party was held.

In true monkey style there was a few things going on to keep people entertained:

  1. We had ‘Pin the tail on the Monkey’ with the winner Nicola Town receiving a Crafty Monkey gift voucher.

  2. We had the Monkey Photo Booth and ended up with some fun pictures which we have put on the Crafty Monkey facebook page.

Great Monkey Face Elizabeth!

  1. There was the signing of the Crafty Monkey 1st Birthday signature platter which after I’ve worked out how to hang it and after it’s been glazed and fired it will be on display in the studio.

Crafty Monkey 1st Birthday Commemorative Signature Platter

  1. There was also the free prize drawer where 18 people have won the prize of painting a tile to be on display in the customer toilet!

Zia served up his Serious Sausages to guests and there were other nibbles including of course Monkey Nuts and wine and fruit punch to wash it all down.

Zia cooking up a storm with his Serious Sausages

Also like all good birthday parties there was fabulous cake and cupcakes made by my friends mum who is a total star and she even managed to get the Crafty Monkey logo onto the cake!

Crafty Monkey 1st B'day Cake and Cupcakes

Thanks to everyone who attended and all you naughty people who brought cards and gifts and thanks to all the lovely people who come and paint at Crafty Monkey!


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