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Banish those January Blues

After all the lead up to and excitement of Christmas we are often left with the blues in January.  The weather can prevent the usual getting out and about and we often hibernate.

Well this year can be different, start the year afresh and get connected with your creative side – everyone has one to some degree! Pottery painting in the bright surrounds of the Crafty Monkey studio in St. Neots will be sure to banish any blues, it’s a great activity for relaxing and forgetting all your worries and troubles – art therapy is the way forward!

Maybe your New Years resolution was to try something new and get out and about a bit more.  Crafty Monkey runs several different craft workshops which are designed to cater for complete beginners to people who know perhaps the basics but just want the social side of crafting with other people.  Our monthly jewellery making workshops are very popular and also our sewing workshops – these are for ages 8 upwards and are a great way for mum and daughter to spend good old fashioned quality time together.

Or maybe you have a group of friends and fancy a different night out.  We can put on workshops bespoke for your group, how about a knicker personalising workshop, pamper evening or sewing felt fancies?


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