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Decoupage: Welcome

Funky 'Rip n Stick' Crafting Fun

Decoupage is the funky 'paint-without-paint' papercraft, a highly effective and addictive method of transforming pretty much anything and great for upcycling old things!  It's great for people who do not feel brave enough to paint but would still like to create something special.  It's also great for a crafty adult party or a hen do.

We stock a range of papers including Decopatch and Viva Gade. We also have a range of decoupage varnishes and items that you can purchase online.

Choose the item you wish to decorate from our extensive range of bisque and wooden boxes.  Then choose the paper which is available in a range of colours and patterns.  Or you could just buy our papers and glue and decoupage items around the house. It's a great way to upcycle furniture to give it a new lease of life.

Tear your paper into small pieces and apply glue to a small area of your piece and then apply the paper until your item is completely covered. 

Voila!  Now all you need to do is leave your item to dry. 

Since Covid hit we are not currently offering decoupage in our studio however we will soon be uploading papers, glues and items to our shop that you can order for click and collect or to be posted.


a frame being decopaged

Pick your item, papers and speciality varnish.


Mirror frame being decoupaged

Rip the paper, varnish the area where the paper will go and stick it down, then varnish on top of the piece you've just stuck down. Then repeat repeat repeat until finished!


a finished decoupage mirror

Well done, you have transformed your item into a stylish piece of art that will sit proudly in your home, unless you've decoupaged your car or bike! (yes people have!)

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